Moroccan Association for Falconry and Raptors Conservation



More than ever, Falconry represents the symbiosis between Man and Nature. Admirers of Birds of Prey, falconers are very attentive to their conservation, and the maintenance or rehabilitation of their populations and their biotopes.

I found a raptor what should I do?

I found a raptor what should I do?

When you come across a raptor in distress, it is necessary to take into consideration certain actions in order to intervene safely while optimizing the chances of his rescue.

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Our techniques

Thanks to our unique expertise of its kind in Morocco, we use methods specific to the Art of Falconry to rehabilitate raptors wounded or tired during migration.

Our results

After release more than a third of the rehabilitated raptors successfully reintegrate wildlife thanks to the joint work with our partners.


We equip the raptors with wing-tags and in some cases with GPS tags in order to keep traking their movements and be sur of their recovery.