About us

About us

Founded on March 4, 2016, the MOROCCAN ASSOCIATION FOR FALCONRY AND RAPTOR CONSERVATION is a national non-profit organization governed by the Dahir (15/11/1958), regulating the right of associations. The AMFCR is dedicated to two objectives:

1 / The promotion and preservation of the art of Falconry. Falconry, is the art of capturing wild prey in its natural environment using a trained raptor.

2 / Establishment and monitoring of conservation projects for birds of prey in Morocco.

The preservation of Falconry implies the maintenance not only of traditional and modern practices of this art, but also the promotion of the conservation of raptors and their prey through the preservation of natural habitats. We therefore encourage Falconry in the context of the sustainable use of wildlife.

The headquarters of the AMFCR are in Témera, Morocco.

More than ever, Falconry represents the symbiosis between Man and Nature.

Admirers of Birds of Prey, falconers are very attentive to their conservation, and the maintenance or rehabilitation of their populations and their biotopes.

THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FALCONRY AND CONSERVATION OF BIRDS OF PREY (IAF) is an accredited NGO providing advisory services to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Committee (NGO-90006) and an accredited member of the International Union for Conservation Nature of IUCN). On 07/10/2017, the AMFCR was registered as an IAF member organization at the meeting of the Council of Delegates of the IAF in Kyrgyzstan.