MAFRC Participates in Regional Workshop on Conservation and Development of Falconry

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MAFRC Participates in Regional Workshop on Conservation and Development…

The Moroccan Association for Falconry and Raptor’s Conservation (MAFRC) participates Thursday, November 30, 2017, in El Jadida, the regional workshop on the conservation and development of Falconry.

As part of the operationalization of the regional plan of the Law 29-05, the Regional Direction of Water and Forests and the fight against the Desertification of the Center organizes the launching workshop of the “Regional program of conservation and development patrimonial of Falconry “on November 30, 2017 in El Jadida.

This workshop allowed to associate a broad spectrum of institutional partners, scientists as well as associations of falconers.

The organization of this falconry workshop is not only an opportunity to bring falconry into compliance with the legal provisions of the CITES 29-05 Act, but will also be a first step in operationalizing the program. heritage conservation.