Workshop: Identification of Raptors in flight

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Workshop: Identification of Raptors in flight

Jbel Moussa: MAFRC took part in the first training to identify Raptors in flight from 27 to 29 April 2018. This workshop was organized by Rachid El Khamlichi (Grepom unit north-west), a leading specialist in the Raptors of the Detroit region of Gibraltar.

As part of the reinforcement of the knowledge of birds of prey in Morocco, the group for the study and protection of Birds of Morocco (GREPOM) organized from 27 to 29 April 2018, in partnership with the High Commissioner for Water and forests and the fight against dis Desertification (HCEFLCD), and with the support of the commune of Taghramt, the first training to identify Raptors in flight at Jbel Moussa. Participated in the event several associations of conservation of Raptors in Morocco, including the Association of Friends of Raptors ASARA (AGADIR), ornithology Group of Morocco GOMAC (Meknes), the Moroccan Association of Falconry and Conservation of Raptors AMFCR (Témara), professors and students from various universities of the kingdom. The Chiefs of the wildlife monitoring and control units of the Regional Directorate of Water and Forests (DREF-RIF) also participated. Among the officials were present: the Kingpin of Taghramt, the commanders of the environmental Centres of the Royal Gendarmerie of Tetouan and Tangier, as well as the commander and officers of the Brigade of the Royal Gendarmerie of Ksar Sghir.

During the day of 28 April, and after a visit to the Centre for the recovery and reintroduction of the Griffon vultures of Jbel Moussa, participants had the opportunity to attend the presentations. Also exhibited some of the material used to track wildlife, brochures and field guides.

Three presentations were presented. The first on the Intercontinental Biosphere Reserve of the Mediterranean (RBIM) by Mr Rachid Abou Alouafae, head of the partnership Service for the Conservation and Development of natural resources (DREFLCD – Rif).

The second on the strategy of the migration of raptors by the Strait of Gibraltar, presented by Mr Rachid El Akudirinwa, regional coordinator of the research group for the Protection of birds in Morocco, (GREPOM/Birdlife).

And the third, presented by Mr. Karim Rousseln, president of the Moroccan Association of falconry and Conservation of Raptors (AMFCR), explaining the techniques and methodology on the identification of raptors in flight.

As a result of these, a discussion was opened, allowing interested persons to deepen their knowledge on more technical aspects.

On 29 April, participants took advantage of a practical session on the ground, allowing the observation of several species of raptors in migration (prenuptial), under the guidance of the trainers. Observation equipment and field guides were provided to the participants.

The closing of the event was marked by the delivery of a training certificate to all participants. One more step to raise awareness of the protection of the biotope and species in Morocco has been taken.